Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chit San Eain (Full House) - Korean Movie which broadcasts in myanmar as TV series

This Korea TV series is a very very nice one.Although this blog intends only to myanmar movies , this movie keeps making me to want to write it here. This is a very famous myanmar TV series as well. I heard about that from many of my friends in myanmar. At first , i didn't expect that much from this movie. But after i finished watching on it , i absolutely agree with them. All rite ! this really is a good asian TV series. It is not only famous in korea but also in most of the asian countries such as myanmar , thailand , indonesia , malaysia , phillipines , japan , china , etc. This is a kind of comedy and romantic one. Let's says the mixture of comedy and romantic movie. All actors and actresses in this movie are also great - handsome,pretty and well-performed either. The story is very intreesting. It is around 16 CDs but i guarantee that you will never get bored.

About the movie , the actor (Lee Young Jae) also performs as a very famous actor in that movie. And the actress ( Han Ji Eun) is a novel and story writer on the internet. All of her novels are just ordinary. She was cheated by her closed friend couple , and was on the trip to Shang Hai. At the same time , Lee Young Jae is also going to Shang Hai. When they meet on the same plane , ...... . I am sure that this is not an ordinary story that u have ever seen.

This is definitely one of the movies that you are expectiing , and i would like to suggest that you should watch this movie at least once.

Tain Tway Ngo Tae' KhaNa - Dway , Nandar Hlaing and Tint Tint Htun

This movie is based on love and responsibility.Dway is a very responsible person.One day, he has to go to Pyin Oo Lwin urgently , and he also has to go back immediately for his foreign trip. On the way to Pyin Oo Lwin , He drives his car very fast , and a gal got wound in her eyes by the stone which comes from his car wheel. But he couldn't take care of it as he is in the very rush time. After 3 years later , when he comes bak from foreing , he comes back to Pyin Oo Lwin to inquire about the previous case.In Pyin Oo Lwin , he meet with 2 gals. One is a pretty who is blind , and the next one is a hot gal who is falling for him. So, for whom is dway falling , please continue watching this movie. This is quite a good one.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mar Na Nhint Ma Thint Myat Kya Thu Myar - Lu Min , Nan Dar Hlaing , and Nyi Nyi Nay Naing

This movie is a great one. It is dramatized from Loon Htar Htar 's novel. This movie based on the pride of the human being. It can also give the lesson to the people. I suggest that this is the one of the movies that u should watch.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

San Eain ko Sein Nae’ Mhoon Pa Mae – Ye Aung , Zin Wine , Nay Myo Aung (2 styles) , May Than Nu , Khine Thin Kyi , Soe Moe Kyi , Nyi Gyaw and others

This movie is such along one. But it is really interesting.

Ko Ko ka Ta Yote Kar , Kya Ma ka Korea - Kin Kong, Pa Pa Win Khin and Bay Lu Wa

This is a comedy movie. As far as u can know from the title of this movie, Kin Kong likes Chinese Fighting series , and Pa Pa Win Khin likes Korea TV series. Since they are husband and wife , they stay together , and always fight for TV to watch whether Korea or Chinese series. This movie shows the current situation of people’ s life in Myanmar. You will get relaxation by watching this movie.

Kyaut Ya Tae' Yaut Kha Ma - Lwin Moe, Khine Thin Kyi, Bay Lu Wa

Preview Show is still under construction !!!

This movie is based on love as well. Lwin Moe has a grandma who has passed away already. He loves his grandma so much and respect so much. Though his grandna has passed away, she is still in his dreams and guides him from his dreams. Lwin Moe fell in love with Khine Thin Kyi, and they got married later. So, when Lwin Moe got father-in-law >>> ....

It is such a funny and interesting movie though it is not a serious one.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Gamone Pwint Renovation

Renovation and expansion work on the seven-storey Gamone Pwint commercial building in Yangon is expected to be completed by the end of January 2006, said U Nay Lin Oo, managing director of building owners Gamone Pwint Co., Ltd.


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